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  • Dell dimension 2400. Dual core intel 3.2GHz, 2GB ram, 160GB hardrive. Linux OS £50

  • If you have a hotmail/live/outlook email account, make sure therre is either a second email account or mobile number associated with it. If someone hacks it, you will need an alternative preconfigured to be able to unblock it.

  • Q9550 CPU for sale. Quad core 2.83GHz Socket LGA 775 Make me an offer

  • Don't forget that support for windows XP ends in march. This is the biggest I.T. upheaval since XP was introduced in 2001, that's 13 years guys! Some computers will be capable of supporting newer versions - 7 or 8 but if not it's new computer time. Give me a shout for a free assessment.

  • Anyone selling a laptop?

  • Good idea? We shall see...

  • Corbeau Forza racing seat in red with adjustable wheelie base. Excellent condition £250 http://www.corbeau-seats.com/officechairs/officechairmotorsport

  • On EE so no phone yesterday or today. Hoping it's sorted soon!

  • Stop a corrupt council selling off parkland which was gifted to the people of Plymouth. https://twitter.com/plymouthparks

  • This explains computers to the layman lol http://youtu.be/Y3rNQ2pTyAY

  • Remote backup is available. Encryption enabled off site backup. Starting from £20 pcm for up to 2GB, £20 setup. Don't be caught out if your PC/Server crashes or is stolen or if your office burns down, your data can be safely and securely stored off site. Message me for more info.

  • Everyone in Plymouth needs to become involve in this page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Park/127471290638475?fref=ts&rf=124215644299403 The council is selling off green fields that DO NOT belong to them. If it continues, where does it end, will they sell your house? Sign this petition and let's make a stand http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Stop_a_Hotel_being_built_on_leasehold_parkland_in_Plymouth/?

  • "Innovation" may have been taken a step too far with windows 8. The start button removed? Apple products still have a "start" button. Luckily someone came up with a cure for this momentus faux-pas - www.startisback.com

  • AOC E2262VWH is listed as HDMI monitor with built in speakers but there is no sound only connecting with HDMI cable, you need to use the jack lead from standard sound card :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151624050116349&set=a.10151331013116349.530416.561136348&type=1&theater

  • Desktop PC Athlon 64 2.21 GHz, 1GB ram, 160GB hard drive, DVD RW, windows 7, wireless keyboard & mouse, 17" monitor built in speakers, 3 months hardware warranty. £140

  • Remote backup server is up and running. AES256 encrypted backup starting from £20+vat per month for 2GB data £20 setup. Contact me for more info.

  • New web/fileserver going in today. Dual Quad-core cpu, 16GB. Offsite backup will be available shortly!

  • Just received my copy of Yellow Pages and seen a competitors ad which reads "Virus. Trojan & Malaria removal" PMSL!!!

  • anyone seen windows 8? Thoughts/comments please

  • do not answer or reply to any calls starting with a +375, or +371 they're from Latvia and Belarus and are scams which could well access you phone, any browsing, bank access etc

  • for anyone who has swapped from hotmail.com to outlook.com and can't receive their hotmail correctly, here's how to put it back: 1) If you want 'hotmail.com' go to your personal settings and set your country to United States 2) The scary bit. You won't be able to rename to your hotmail.com because it is now listed as an alias. You must delete this alias. It gives you a scary message about removing your inbox. I clenched my teeth and went for it... https://account.live.com/ManageAssocIds 3) You can then rename your account to your old email account using http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount It works!

  • Post-olympic opening times will 9-5 mon-fri and 9-12 saturday
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Welcome to Computing Solutions - Computer Repair Plymouth

Computing Solutions is a computer services company, providing IT support to home and business users across Devon & Cornwall from our head office in Plymouth.

Our services range from upgrading and supporting single computer systems to deploying complete network infrastructures including cabling and server setup. Specialising in Microsoft based IT solutions, we deliver robust, scalable, low maintenance IT systems tailored to your specific business IT needs. Computing Solutions are also experienced in hardware repair including mainboard and PSU replacement, laptop screen and DC socket replacement.

We are committed to providing an excellent IT service with as jargon free communication as possible.

We can offer you...

Professional computer repair in Plymouth

All computer repairs undertaken including replacement of PSUs, CPUs, mainboards, monitors, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, RAM upgrades, virus/malware removal, system reloads, data copying, router setup, wireless setup, internet connection, email setup.

Outsourced Business IT Support

If you feel you do not require your own IT support department, let Computing Solutions take the responsibility for your computer repairs in Plymouth.

Back-up to Existing Business IT Support

If you already have a business IT support department or use an external company, but feel you need some additional help or peace of mind, Computing Solutions are here to help.


Computing Solutions offers powerful anti-virus solutions, which can operate in different ways spreading the widest net to snare the various types of virus and malware.

Hosting and Website Solutions

Computing Solutions offers a range of Hosting and Website solutions, for rapid access web based business IT solutions.

Computing Solutions for Plymouth and Computer Repair, IT service and IT sales please call 01752 204258 for additional information or enter your details into our contact page.

Contract/Sub-contract work

We carry out local work for national computer and printer installation and repair companies whos clients have included:

  • Royal Mail
  • Network Rail
  • Schweppes
  • Ginsters
  • MOD (HMS Drake, Citadel, HMS Raleigh)
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